DANIEL B. POLIN is president and founder of the Great Projects Film Company, Inc., an independent film and television production company based on the west side of Manhattan.  He has been creating critically acclaimed, award-winning documentaries for twenty-five years.  He has supervised production of more than 30 documentary and public-affairs programs, which have won dozens of awards and been honored by the Department of Defense, the U.S. Holocaust Museum.


Mr. Polin was producer and writer, most recently, of several public television projects:  two segments for Need to Know and the documentaries Building of Alaska and The Trial of Saddam Hussein.  He is executive producer of American Rebuilds, the definitive three-part history of rebuilding at Ground Zero:  the first and second parts premiered in 2002 and 2006.  In 2002, Polin and Great Projects produced seven-and-a-half prime-time hours for PBS, including the four-hour Great Projects: The Building of America, which portrays the drama behind great American public works and engineering; Resistance, the Emmy-nominated documentary about armed Jewish partisans who fought the Nazis; and Media Matters, a new magazine show about journalism.


Other PBS projects which Mr. Polin produced include Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War; The Trial of Adolf Eichmann, nominated for an Emmy; and George Marshall and the American Century, Emmy-winner for Best Historical Program.  He executive produced a series of art documentaries for PBS in the 1990s:  Picasso Paints Picasso, Michelangelo, Restored, and An Essay on Matisse, which was nominated for an Academy Award.



ELYSE STEINBERG, producer and writer, has been producing and developing television content for the past ten years.  She has produced programs for A&E, HBO, MTV and PBS.  She was director, producer, and writer of the critically acclaimed documentary The Trial of Saddam Hussein, a special presentation of PBS’s series “America at a Crossroads.”  She produced two segments for the PBS series Need to Know about the Supreme Court’s May 2010 ruling on life sentences for juvenile, non-homicide offenders.  And she has produced multiple episodes of the docu-series After the First 48 for A&E.  She also helped develop and was one of the producers of a four-part series for public television about public policy issues that face New Jersey citizens.



ANDREW MORREALE, producer, editor, has been working with Great Projects for more than twenty years.  A 25-year veteran of film and television, he has produced and edited feature films and documentaries for theatrical release and broadcast on PBS, HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, TURNER and MTV.  Mr. Morreale is a producer and editor of the Uncle Frank, a documentary for HBO, and Great Projects: The Building of America, a four-part series for PBS.  Most recently, he has been producing and editing Beyond Broken, a theatrical feature. An Emmy Award-winning editor, he counts among his credits, for HBO, Saving Pelican 895, wartorn 1861-2010, Namath, Citizen USA, Nine Innings from Ground Zero, Dare to Dream, I Have Tourettes, and Happy to Be Nappy; for Warner Brothers, Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones; and, for PBS, The Trial of Saddam Hussein; Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans and the Academy Award®-nominated An Essay on Matisse.


LIBBY KREUTZ, co-producer for archive research and licensing, has worked on Great Projects documentaries for two decades, including Building Alaska, America Rebuilds: Return to Ground Zero and A Year at Ground Zero, Great Projects: The Building of America, Crucible of Empire, Media Matters, and George Marshall and the American Century.  From 1997 to 2002, she was co-producer, archive supervisor and production manager on the Great Projects staff.  She is currently the research and licensing supervisor for America in Primetime, a four-part series for PBS celebrating the best in television from the 1960s through to today, and photo/footage consultant to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.  Among her other credits are Steep, a 90-minute high-definition feature documentary exploring the sport of extreme skiing; The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib; and Los Angeles Is Burning: Five Reports from a Divided City for Frontline.


ROGER GRANGE, director of photography,is an award-winning cinematographer with thirty years of experience in film and video production.  He and Daniel Polin have collaborated since 1988, when they made their first PBS documentary together, The Republicans: Before and After Reagan.  Their most recent collaborations, with Elyse Steinberg, were The Trial of Saddam Hussein and the segments for Need to Know.  Mr. Grange’s work has taken him to the edge of active volcanoes, the deserts of Egypt, and to the streets of Newark, New York and Los Angeles.  He has filmed projects for PBS, broadcast and cable networks, as well as dozens of corporate, non-profit and educational productions.  Most recently, he has worked on Tony Bennett: Duets II for Great Performances; The Harmony Game, a feature documentary about Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”; and Evocateur, a feature documentary about Morton Downey, Jr., which was produced by Ironbound Films.

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